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Personal Best

Women's Long Jump3
Women's Overall Ranking96
60 Metres7.45
Palaindoor Ancona, Ancona (ITA) (i) 14 JAN 2024
100 Metres12.46-1.6
Livorno (ITA) 01 SEP 2018
150 Metres18.36-0.1
Piazzale Adolfo Consolini, Vittorio Veneto (ITA) 05 JUL 2020
200 Metres24.71-0.1
Firenze (ITA) 16 JUN 2019
400 Metres57.20
Padova (ITA) (i) 27 JAN 2019
400 Metres Short Track57.20
Padova (ITA) (i) 27 JAN 2019
50 Metres Hurdles7.31
Firenze (ITA) (i) 12 JAN 2019
60 Metres Hurdles8.66
Palestra Indoor, Modena (ITA) (i) 11 JAN 2020
60 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm)8.31
Ancona (ITA) (i) 10 FEB 2019
100 Metres Hurdles13.63+1.5
Arezzo (ITA) 11 MAY 2019
100 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm)13.55+0.4
Agropoli (ITA) 23 JUN 2019
300 Metres Hurdles41.96
La Spezia (ITA) 25 APR 2019
400 Metres Hurdles1:02.48
Campo Sportivo Putti, Bergamo (ITA) 29 SEP 2019
High Jump1.50
Padova (ITA) (i) 28 JAN 2018
Long Jump6.97
Ataköy Arena, Istanbul (TUR) (i) 05 MAR 2023
Shot Put (3kg)10.65
Padova (ITA) (i) 27 JAN 2019
Pentathlon Girls Short Track3739
Padova (ITA) (i) 28 JAN 2018
4x100 Metres Relay47.27
Campo Comunale, Brescia (ITA) 17 SEP 2022
World Championships
Long Jump6.82
World Athletics Championships, Budapest 2023 20 AUG 2023
World Indoor Championships
Long Jump6.69
World Athletics Indoor Championships 03 MAR 2024
European Championships
Long Jump6.62
European Athletics Championships 18 AUG 2022
Diamond League
Long Jump6.95
Herculis Meeting International d’Athlétisme EBS 21 JUL 2023
Long Jump6.69
BAUHAUS-Galan 02 JUL 2023
Long Jump6.79
Golden Gala Pietro Mennea 02 JUN 2023
European Indoor Championships
Long Jump6.97
European Athletics Indoor Championships 05 MAR 2023
Long Jump6.59
European Athletics Indoor Championships 06 MAR 2021
European Team Championships
Long Jump6.66
European Athletics Team Championships First Division 25 JUN 2023
European U23 Championships
Long Jump6.93
European Athletics U23 Championships 16 JUL 2023
European U20 Championships
Long Jump6.58
European U20 Championships 21 JUL 2019
National Championships
Long Jump6.64
Italian Championships 26 JUN 2022
Long Jump6.42
Italian Championships 26 JUN 2021
Long Jump6.32
Italian Championships 29 AUG 2020
National Indoor Championships
Long Jump6.80
Italian Indoor Championships 17 FEB 2024
Long Jump6.53
Italian Indoor Championships 18 FEB 2023
Long Jump6.91
Italian Indoor Championships 20 FEB 2021

Long Jump

Silver medal @ Istanbul Euroindoor 2023 and NR 6,97mt

Long Jump

WORLD RECORD U20 6.91 m indoor

The record

The indoor U20 world record set in Ancona by Larissa Iapichino, with 6.91 cancels a historical record resistant for 32 years of Heike Drechsel, the historical rival of her mother Fiona May and one of the strongest long jumpers of all time.

The Story

6.91 is also the Italian Indoor Record which for now is in cohabit with Larissa’s mother Fiona May, a sort of a double success. And we can't wait to see Larissa competing again and try to improve herself.

The Goals

Larissa will participate in Belgrade (March 2022) in her first World Champ Indoor at Senior level. The goal is to compete at the highest level as possible to affirm her legacy in long jump guided as at the time her mother’s was by the father Gianni Iapichino, now her coach and lifetime first supporter.

Gold Medal


Jump at the 2019 European Athletics U20 Championships in Borås

Larissa for short

Passionate & Flexible

From kid to teenager to young woman, strengths and weakness while becoming Larissa are the heart of her multitasking personality. She is a gen Z, made of contrasts, guided by the passion for her sport and her home town, Florence, while being a global DNA made young rising star. Always striving for the best, which is yet to come, Larissa main drivers are continuous improvement and strong-willingness.

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Determination, ambition and tension to give all she can in any challenge she embraces are meaningful features of Larissa’s behavior which lead her to a growing success in life and sports.


Being light as per her way of flying in the air while jumping, but even while approaching life challenge is Larissa’s plus as to make life more agile while facing difficulties. A key mental approach which leads also to save energies while not necessary to be more effective in action.


Looking for the perfect gesture, being careful of any detail of her look out of the sandpit or while competing are Larissa’s musts. Stylish, fashionable and spontaneous with her genuine smile she is naturally empathize with her smile.


Velocity is a key point for Larissa’s way of living and a key feature of her jump. Maximizing speed in control is her secret to get goals achieved in any field.


Branding & Positioning

Global citizen. Perfect expression of mixed blood and cultural contemporary society. She is unconventional and original in her style, romantic with verve.

2023 in brief

Records and triumphs of 2023

My records


National Record

National Record (Istanbul) 6.97m



Italian Champ & WORLD RECORD U20 / National Indoor Record, record U20/U23 and PB (Ancona): 6.91m


National Record U20

National Record U20 (Savona): 6.80m


National Record U18

Gold National U20 Champs (Agropoli): 6.64m, National Record U18


Gold Medalist

Gold National Champs U18 (Rieti): 6.38m

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