World Championship Budapest 2023

August 2023

The Results

image00005 (Grandi)

After jumps below her personal bests and two fouls, Larissa closes with 6.82 meters, just 6 centimeters off the podium.

Larissa’s comment: “I made mistakes today. When you arrive at the event you’ve been waiting for for a year, you’d want everything to be perfect. I made mistakes, maybe I also wanted to overdo it. I don’t know if it also depends on the inexperience, I made mistakes and I’m sorry. I dug my own grave,” says Iapichino to RaiSport. “I could have made mistakes in any competition this year, instead I made them in this one. In the future I hope not to fall into these mistakes again.”

1: X, 2: 6.73 -0.6, 3: x, 4: 6.17 +0.3, 5: X, 6: 6.82 +0.8



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